Book Endorsements

"Buy a copy of John Hunt's book to put within reach on the bedside table. Buy a copy to keep next to the tub in the bathroom - permanently.
And one on the stove. And one in your car. And a bedroom extra to keep under the pillow as a talisman. It really is that good-gorgeous-useful-inspiring-profound. (As you can doubtless tell, I'm quite taken by The Art of the Idea.)"

- Tom Peters

"An original and beautiful book. It suggests that the surest way to liberate ourselves is through the power of our ideas."

- Nelson Mandela Foundation

"It's not just one of those books that makes you think.
It challenges you to think.
It demands that you think, and to beware of all those obstacles that would stop you from trusting your instincts and finding an idea."

- Lee Clow (TBWA\ Chief Creative officer)